Ladies & Gentlemen

by The Hoverounds

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released February 26, 2013

Mastered by Brock Haltiwanger

Recorded by William Cunningham

Vocals: Jaminson Hogan
Guitars/Vocals: William Cunningham
Guitars/Vocals: Christian Preston
Bass/Vocals: Tyler Neftelberg
Drums: Daniel Marsh




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The Hoverounds Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Anything
I'm falling into the last verse of the last song...
its been haunting me this day, this day lasted SO LONG.
I tuned to every frequency but found not one song.
with a soul strong enough to turn me out to help me find home.

what would I do for something, something that could see me through?

Smoke and mirrors and fire and brimstone cover eyes.
and a bulb thats burning in a box you bought will hypnotize
I hear lies everyday, and not one spirited cry
The truth I'm looking everwhere for has long ago died

what would i do for someone, someone that could just tell the truth?

but theres someone somewhere
who can find a spare moment to care

and not just mouth off, the company line...
and not spend his money, instead of his time
Kill off our freedoms, make all of them crimes
Make them feel helpless so you can be on top..
what would I do if I could just make it stop?

light chorus (guit/vox no drumsx1)(half time drumsx3)
Track Name: Four Years Later, Still Loathing
I reached over to the glass on the edge of the table and said:
"this will be my last drink"
because not only had my glory days past
but I'd started to see myself in the bottom of the glass

at that point in the evening that things get blury, I said
nothing lasts forever, carpe el fuego
and standing at the edge of a weary stage,
Ive become the one prime number that is my age.

hope is a myth
you'll nevert be missed
theres no evading
this iron fist

hope is a lie
you'll never know why
you were ever here
or who is behind the mask.
Track Name: Broken Leg
Six years later, I'm stuck reliving the past
repeatedly reminded how you bailed back then,
now you're locked away behind, an unscaleable fence,
lined in prickly vines
I can't hurting cant stop climbing,
I just cant seem to let go
Then She Said
Do you get much sleep at night?
Do your thoughts seem to clutter up your mind?
My only reply, is like
the strange silence I hear at night
the zombie-like moans and the crickets in my ears
Not a response really
just a way of dealing with my fears
Throwing all on a line only to realize that
its only going to be stomped trampled on
Eventually left behind.
Awoken by screaming dreams, and
jotting down memories is all we can do
with nothing to look forward to
just who I was, and I how I knew you.
Open one door just to get to another
the day to day struggles they all seem the same
when we look back at it all,
it all seems like a mother fucking shame.
Track Name: Crosseyed
You could say it took me by surprise.
I found myself not fit for anyones eyes.
Making up for lost time, is my favorite past-time
and its the burning in my eyes, that lets me silence the lies
that are told to me everyday
by the angry cynics pushing my head down
I filter out whats not true and I turn it around so
it has got me on the run
I'm outside of everyone now.
taking this chance seemed so clear,
now I look crosseyed at myself in the mirror.
I felt the silence of your demise
in a dream through the twitching in my eyes
and i felt comfortable in the strangest of places
and never mind when the the strongest feelings of
my mind, erases, the haziest of faces, and i fall out of my disguise
that i fall out of everyday
they're the angry cynics pushing my head down...
I filter out whats not true and I turn it around so
theres things that are commonplace, and there are things that i hold dear
there are things you can scream aloud, and things best whispered in an ear
I took solace in yours, and I have trust in things I shouldn't have trust in
but I've run out of things that I need to fear...
Track Name: Echoes
I'm blinded, i can't see anything but a face in the dark
I'm reminded, of death, life ends before it starts
and as I drift apart in pieces, puddling in blue and red.
my last moment of homeostasis, pushes one more thought from my head.
could it be any-
worse i won't be leaving anytime soon can't break this
curse it suspends me like a sieve theres nothing worse
than to live like a man who's dieing,
and won't leave his mind alone
and won't censor himself and wont answer the phone
its so cold where I am, my shivers echo this chambered room
and i'm forced to deal with my choices, thy will be done...
and I'll become, one, with the universe, yes I'll become.
and make this be the last verse...
Track Name: Exponential Decay
i wrote a message to my future self when i was younger
it said you will never understand me
i dedicate a new piece of my mind to death
everytime i wake up and try to breathe
I concentrate on being myself so much, at times,
ive forgotten what its like to simply be
i contemplate all the time, living to die,
and watching the clock strike me
for all the good times,
and all of the bad,
dividing and conquering the land in between
for the one who's cared,
for every heart thats bared,
I'll find a place for you in the mean
im holding on to times i remember like they
could somehow crawl back into today
a million silenced scream stop it, no more
but i trudge through like it'll never be that way
I made my up mind, i'm never giving up
though times its so dark upstairs i can barely see
and the opening act of eternity is sleeping while its minions
quietly are creeping behind me
but theres no mind where theres no matter.
and theres no mouth left to chatter because the problem is you
the breakdown, the shakedown, of everything, coming apart where it should be together, we've lost you.
theres factors complication
such as this mind thats erasing the whole substance of our nation.
and theres nothing left inside of me that is any part of you
Track Name: Fleshlight
I've fallen victim to the
flesh, once again a place
to lie my head, when home
in sin an equillibrium
i find,between hatred and love
content to leave things alone, when push comes to shove
im sorry to have been, a part of your sin
i'm sorry to be there, when your descent did begin
and im sorry to say that, im waiting for it to happen again.
how did I fall so far?
Track Name: Leaving Nowhere
you feed the self destructive nature
i've spent every moment fighting off
i look for options outside of this one,
call me delusional, but i am not leaving here.
I've lost my grip, I've lost my time
Have I forgotten why?
I've lost my mind I've forgotten fear.

For those who wake up with the stars in the sky
they all might end up like us with regrets on their mind
they'll pace the floors with worried looks and thoughts and a glass in their hand
make passionate love to the things in their lives that aren't there
and spend their days indoors
i'll believe you, when you lie to me, i'm bound to be, bound to you, bound to you.
i'll belie you, in false compare, to create you there, leaving nowhere
Track Name: Lower Middle Class, Going Down
every morning this week, i've peeled myself out of one of my friends floors
never felt so tired, never felt so weak, and I'm
making my way through anotherday being a slave to you
I'm breaking my back- eight days a week.

Close another door, open a window- so i can see through
see the way life comes so easily to you
yea i can see through, yea I know you

you stole everything you own- reap what my father sows
look down your nose at me, like you've ever contributed to society
you push your money around, a lump sum you found
but you keep pushing... theres always more

every morning this week, i've peeled myself out of one of my friends couches
never felt so tired, never felt so weak.
(You'll never have enough, you'll just want more)
look who i ran into, another noone who's doing nothing new
just seperating the masses from the elite, its what they do.
Track Name: A Poor Excuse for A Big Ending
A poor excuse for a big ending-

This is the one,
the one you've looking for
it starts in an end
and it pushes you out the door

This is the place
the haven that you needed
but it starts with a circle of friends
its something that couldn't concieve
in a circle of friends you could never believe in

but what it amounts to, all it amounts to
Is a poor excuse for a big ending-
Track Name: Spiders
wrong side of the bed, must've fell and hit my head
spiders are everywhere, they're following me around my house
won't stop until I'm dead, and turn my ivory curtains red
they're everywhere I turn, everywhere in my house.
I peer around each corner.
and see no way out of this maze.
I'm hidden away in illaffected haze.
wondering if these are my final days.
I feel like i'm dieing today
I cannot die today

Can't hear a thing I said, but silence spoke its piece instead
its golden as the saying goes, it took its time until it froze.
I'm starting to get worried but i'm still not in a hurry-
Spiders everywhere in every corner of my house.

I should be angry, I should run, but I'm hanging around and having fun.
I feel nothing, and its just fine.
Track Name: The Stars Look Bright from the Gutter Tonight
everythings a blur when you've been like this for so long
everybody knows your name, everybody knows you're noone
I only see the stars fighting darkness in the skies
supernova's blot it all out when a part of me dies

the stars look bright from the gutter tonight
the steady hum of humanity distracts me from my plight
I fell in head first - I wasn't meant to last.
All I have left in the world is the whiskey in my flask
a broken mirror, and the clothes on my back.

everythings a blur when you've been like this for so long
The Rasta's all know my name, they know me as a Natty one
We only play the music that fits, the fire in the night
And the people all dance around to the sound of this vibe.

the stars look bright from the gutter tonight
the heavy smell of desperation makes my stomach clench tight
I fell in head first - I wasn't meant to last.
All I have left in the world is the whiskey in my flask
a broken mirror, and the clothes on my back.

the stars look bright from the gutter tonight
the ground shakes below me as I dream about the fight
I fell in head first - I wasn't meant to last.
All I have left in the world is the whiskey in my flask
a broken mirror, and the clothes on my back.